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Your body gets its energy from the carbohydrates, fats and proteins you eat. Many common foods, such as bread, pasta, and rice, are high in carbohydrates, so your body is more likely to convert them into glucose for use as fuel. Alternatively, fat can also be an excellent source of energy. If you can train your body to primarily burn fat as fuel, it can help you reduce your body’s fat stores. Most of the trendy diets, fat burning supplements, or radical workout routines promise easy fixes or quick results, but such weight loss results may not be safe or even sustainable. More importantly, this weight loss may not be the result of actual fat loss. You may be losing water weight or even muscle tissue. A healthy lifestyle is essential for long-term fat loss. This includes a balanced diet, an optimal eating plan, and an adapted exercise regimen. To better understand what this entails, here are some ways you can adapt your lifestyle to put your body safely in fat burning mode.


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