• October 11, 2021 2:45 am
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This delightful fruit is a cross between a grapefruit and tangerine. One’s body easily converts digestible carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar), which is a person’s main source of energy. After a person knows what foods to watch out for, they should realize that they cannot easily stop eating these foods.

Thirty minutes before you go to bed, have a nice hot beverage… green tea, hot milk or what ever you like plus the other half of that Zone Bar you had for your 3 O’Clock snack. (I have to half the Zone Bars because I am on 1200 calories a day and some of the bars have 300+ calories). This is my answer to the question – does green tea lower blood sugar? If you don’t test on a regular basis, how do you know what foods you can eat, and how much exercise you can do safely, without spiking your blood sugar count?


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