• January 9, 2023 8:40 am
  • Brooklyn, United States, New York

it is undeniable that technological progress has developed very quickly. The latest innovations in the field of technology are always coming every now and then in various fields.

From communication devices to renewable energy, scientists and business people are competing to create the latest innovations. Reported by TechRadar, here are 5 technology predictions that might be present in 2023.

1. Electronic vehicles will become more widespread
The entire automotive industry is trying to switch from combustible engines to electrical energy. One company that may already be familiar is Tesla. In Europe and China, the development of electronic vehicles has grown quite rapidly.

Electronic vehicles are of course still in the process of being developed. Although e-vehicles help tackle climate problems and create zero emissions, the batteries they use are still vulnerable to several threats. This problem is predicted to be resolved in 2023.


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