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At the core,both spam and junk mail represent messages that What Do Spam Folders And Junk Mails Mean clutter the user’s inbox.While junk mail often comes from opt-in services,such as from businesses,spam spam refers to messages that the user did not opt to receive.When you’re crafting a mailing list or sending out an advertisement,it’s important that your message not come off as spam.If your address is repeatedly reported as spam,mail providers may begin catching your messages in the junk mail filter automatically.

SPAM-While everyone thinks of email when they hear the word “spam,”It fits a more broad definition. In addition to the spam messages you get in your email, you can also receive spam messages via text,in an instant message and even as comments on websites.

JUNK MAIL– Consider the origin of the phrase junk mail:those unsolicited advertisements that arrive in a physical mailbox.Your message,while legitimate,may be classified as “junk mail”if it doesn’t fit their needs.For instance,a teenager may delight in the email flyers of a store that sells room decor, while her father finds them a nuisance.


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