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Does your family worry when the washing machine has problems or mysteriously stops working? Clean clothes are a constant priority, and in large families, laundry is an emergency some days. But before you call a repairman, there are some simple steps you can take to fix common washer problems.

The washing machine will not start

power problem

Make sure the device is properly connected. Pets and dropped objects can knock over the plug.
Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Replace the blown fuse or reset the switch.
To determine if the problem is with the outlet, plug something into it that works in other outlets (like a small lamp). If the outlet does not work, call an electrician

cover or door lock

For top loading washers, the lid switch must be on when the lid is closed for the unit to operate. In some units, the water inlet valve is controlled by a cap switch. If the switch is bad, the unit will not fill with water. In other cases, the machine may fill with water but not enter the spin cycle. The switch may be covered with lint and detergent residue, preventing the washer from starting. Use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to clean the contact areas. Choose a Washing Machine Repair Dubai that you feel you can trust.

If the key is broken, it will need to be replaced.
Front loaders must close the door switch and activate the door lock before starting the machine.
Inspect the strike where it engages the door lock assembly and replace it if it is bent or cracked.
If the door switch no longer locks properly, replace it.

the engine

If the motor overheats, the washer will shut down.
Start the machine again when the engine has cooled down.
If this happens repeatedly, call a repairman.

handle the timer

On some models, the timer button must match the graphic on the control panel exactly. If the button is slightly off, the washer will not turn on. Advance the counter. Restart the washer. If the handle is worn, it will no longer operate the tool and will need to be replaced.

The washer does not fill

Make sure both hot and cold water valves are open. They will be marked or painted red and blue. You can only wash in cold water, but some washers will only work if both valves are open. If water flows into your machine but fills slowly, make sure the valves are fully open. Make sure the water hoses are fully extended and not kinked.

You may also have clogged entry screens that need cleaning. This simple cleaning can help get your laundry back on track. Unplug the machine and turn off the water valves. Take a bucket, disconnect the hoses from the machine and collect any remaining water from the hoses in the bucket.  Spray the filter with water in a spray bottle to remove any dirt. Use a small stiff brush to get rid of any remaining dirt or debris.

The washing machine makes noise

To prevent noise in standard top loader machines, spread the clothesline evenly around


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