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Alita: Battle Angel is a manga adaptation film released in 2019. There is something interesting about the release of Alita: Battle Angel . The film was released in the midst of Disney ‘s acquisition of 20th Century Fox .

Disney at that time was not involved in the development of the film Alita , and all development was carried out by Fox. Even though it was a huge success, after the Alita franchise was owned by Disney, they did not immediately make a sequel. And after 3 years without any news, confirmation has finally emerged that a sequel to Alita will be made.

Recently, Jon Landau (producer of Alita: Battle Angel ) revealed to Deadline that he will be developing a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel in the near future. “There is a film called Alita: Battle Angel that we want to go back and we want to make a sequel to. We have spoken to Robert Rodriguez about that and hopefully those talks will come to fruition.”

Unfortunately, Jon Landau did not provide information about when the Alita sequel would be worked on. But it could be that the development of the film began after several Avatar films were completed. As we know, Jon Landau is currently busy promoting the film Avatar: The Way of Water , along with James Cameron.






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But after releasing Avatar: The Way of Water, Jon Landau and James Cameron will also “step on the gas” to make several other Avatar films. Moreover, they have planned to make 3 new Avatar films after The Way of Water. Chances are, the sequel to Alita is still a very long time coming.

At the same time, Robert Rodriguez was busy with other projects. Currently, he is working with Netflix on a major film, such as the Spy Kids reboot . Rodriguez has also recently worked on The Mandalorian Season 2 , and The Book of Boba Fett .

Since both Rodriguez and Cameron are busy with their respective projects, it makes sense that an Alita sequel would be a long way off. But it could be that Disney prefers to appoint a new director and writer who will work on the project. Let’s just wait, geeks , for the latest news about the sequel to Alita: Battle Angel .


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