• June 7, 2021 8:47 pm
  • China

on sale very good price

We have over 35 kg of LIQUID RED MERCURY AND powder.

If you are interested, please contact us to pick up your product at a great price. The sale price is invoiced in grams (gr) and revised according to the quantity ordered. Thank you Very serious and delicate announcement I put my number there.

My product meets the following tests:

White pocket with liquid red mercury on it, We wait, result, no trace of color in the white pocket! Then on the back side on a plate and on the strip with your finger to see the inside, color is everywhere!

– my product is invisible to the mirror

My product triggers the tester to turn on

My product scares garlic

My product attracts gold

My product meets the sand test

My product corresponds to that of lemon

My product responds to the finger and water test

The requested test will be done at your leisure if you are really serious

Nis prices are !!!

unbeatable !!

Contact us

WhatsApp :

+225 74 28 06 66

The solution is in your hands

Dr hamed


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