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Features of QuickBooks Premier

Five concurrent users in data file.
Sales orders/backorder tracking, current availability tracking, sales order to PO to invoice.
Unit of measure, build assembly, inventory center.
Job costing: QuickBooks can help you track your PO estimates, change order tracking can become a lot easy with it.
Reporting: Balance sheet by class, previous reconciliation reports, forecasting, business planner, industry-specific reporting.
Price levels: per item, not just fixed percentage.
Billing rate levels.
Journal entries: create a reversing entry.
Filter sales order and purchase order reports based on current availability.
Closing date exception report.

Benefits of QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Support Near Me : Supports up to three simultaneous users in a data file.
Receivables and revenue: Creating invoices, memo’s and other statements like sales receipts can be a lot easier with the premier version of QuickBooks.
Payables and expenditures: purchase orders, item receipts, pay bills.
Job costing & Inventory part tracking.
Time and mileage tracking.
Banking activities: deposits, checks, credit card charges, credits, bank charges, interest, paychecks, online banking, bank reconciliation.
Sales tax: collect and pay sales tax & Multiple currency.
QB premier can be a highly beneficial software if you know how to use that right.
Manufacturers and Wholesalers:
QuickBooks Premier allows you to easily track inventory and items that need reordering.
Track profitability product by product to know which products to stock for maximum revenue generation.
Check all open orders and prioritize them as per need.
Reminders and notifications can be viewed from a single window.
Non-profit organizations
Create end-of-year donation statements by tracking donors and their contributions.
Create Form 900 by identifying your expenses, major donors, and IRS.
Easily run donor contribution summary reports.
Track bounced checks.
All key reports can be viewed with a click.
Nonprofit organizations are bit difficult to tackle even though if you are using QuickBooks premier as your accounting software. But the sector should not be that difficult if you have QuickBooks premier support phone number by your side for easy support.


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