• February 19, 2022 1:59 am
  • Algeria
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) Quickbooks power tool

This extension exposes QuickBooks Online transaction IDs in the user interface and enables searching by Transaction ID
UI Power Tools for QuickBooks Online adds the following additional functionality to the Quickbooks Online user interface:

- Exposing the Transaction ID of transactions on the Sales and Expenses screen
- Providing a "Goto" function for Transaction ID
- Quick navigation via the extension button (no need to wait for the Sales screen to load to get to the Customers screen)

Under the hood QuickBooks Online uses a transaction ID field to uniquely identify each transaction. This field is very useful when using the QuickBooks Online API to interface QBO to other systems. However, when checking up on transactions that have been interfaced, it would be useful to be able to see and search by the Transaction ID in QuickBooks Online,


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  • Quickbooks power tool