• July 29, 2021 5:19 am
  • Abilene, United States, Kansas

Most people spend time in front of television and computers, and most of us spend long hours into the night without giving the eyes adequate rest. Then there are other doctors who just do not believe in natural cures at all. A normal eye never strains, it never stares, it always shift before a strain is produced. The optimal lasting time is from 10 to 15 minutes.

The only problem is that these methods are being hidden and disregarded by doctors and optometrists who wish people will continue to buy glasses and risk their eyes with laser eye surgeries. They do not cure incorrect use of your eyes though, nor do they train us to change our habits to help maintain our vision. Before we get to the 5 secrets of male impotence, you should know that this male problem is usually caused by 4 things: a high fat diet, poor circulation, lack of exercise or a low activity lifestyle. You can improve your eyesight without glasses, and in this article I’m going to tell you why.

William Bates had developed natural methods to provisine naturally. You may not know it but in a physical state where you feel really tired, your vision slightly diminishes. He found that eye problems were mostly caused by mental stress, eye muscles strain and poor diet. Palming is when you cover your eyes with your hands but you don’t put any pressure on them. Playing sports their eyes were constantly darting and zigging around.


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