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Prodentim NZ because they give researchers a larger surface area to study, but sometimes pharmacy extracted human teeth are also tested. Surprisingly, black tea does not stain teeth unless preceded by white wine A critical study conducted by Mark Wolff of New York University soaked cows’ teeth for one hour in Prodentim NZ black tea, red wine or white wine in various configurations. It was no surprise that red wine leaves the strongest stains. Surprisingly black tea did not stain teeth unless preceded by Prodentim NZ white wine. It seems that the acid content of the wine made the glaze slightly more porous, allowing the tea to leave its mark. Prodentim Australia  tea and coffee can stain teeth in the same way where to buy they leave stubborn marks inside a cup Tea and coffee can stain teeth in the same way that they leave stubborn marks on the inside of a cup These food and drink stains can discolor teeth, but they do not indicate that the teeth are unhealthy.

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