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Prima Dragons Den 620 mg: intake and dosage

Taking the weight loss aid is very easy. All you have to do is take two capsules a day. It is also important that you swallow the capsules before your main meals so that they can develop their full potential.

Do the Prima Dragons Den capsules have to be taken daily?

In order to benefit from the maximum effect, you should definitely take the slimming pills daily and regularly. It is particularly important to take the

capsules around 15 to 30 minutes before your main meals with enough water, because this is the only way they can work optimally.

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Prima Dragons Den capsules: ingredients and composition

There are a number of different ingredients used in Prima Dragons Den, each of which has only a small effect on weight loss, but when combined they can lead to good results.

The prickly pear it contains can help to bind fat in the intestines so that it cannot be absorbed by the body and therefore does not act as additional calories. White kidney bean extract has a similar effect . However, this does not bind fat, but prevents starch from being broken down. A special ingredient is also the rosehip extract , because this has a beneficial effect on both calorie consumption and calorie intake.

But that’s not all, because there are many other ingredients that can positively influence weight loss. These include mango seeds and the seaweed kelp. In addition, the bitter melon extract hampers the formation of new fat and the green tea extract increases fat oxidation, i.e. fat burning. The preparation is rounded off with the oats it contains, which reduces the feeling of hunger and thus also the calorie intake.

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week 1

Johanna starts taking the capsules. She follows the manufacturer’s instructions exactly and takes two capsules daily before the main meals. In addition, she goes to the gym twice a week. Johanna deliberately does not change her eating habits. Already in the first week the scale showed 300 grams less.

week 2

Enthusiastic about the success of the first week, Johanna is already looking forward to the second week of our test and here, too, she manages to lose almost half a kilo again.

week 3

The third week starts and Johanna is enthusiastic about the effect of the capsules. She’s usually always tired and drained when she loses weight, but this time she’s feeling fit and energetic. In addition, she can reduce her body weight again by around 300 grams.

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week 4

Our test is coming to an end and the scale shows a little over one and a half kilos less overall. Johanna is happy with the weight loss and wants to continue taking Prima Dragons Den until she reaches her target weight.

Is there another effective alternative?

Since there are many different products on the market for weight loss products, we will compare Prima Dragons Den with another weight loss product here so that you can get a better overview of the different products.


Are side effects and intolerance to be expected?

The manufacturer promises that taking the slimming pills is completely free of side effects. However, that is not entirely correct, because in some cases intolerances can occur and interactions with medication cannot be completely ruled out.

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What is the reasonable cost of the Prima Dragons Den?

In view of the substances contained, we find the price quoted by the manufacturer per pack a bit excessive. However, if you choose to buy multiple packs at once, the cost per pack drops to a reasonable level.

Where to buy Prima Dragons Den 620 mg?

Currently, you can only purchase Prima Dragons Den directly from the manufacturer’s website. There is also the possibility to order a supply of several months and thus benefit from a lower price per pack.

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