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For the first time since her weight loss made headlines in May 2020, Adele addressed her new look.

The 33-year-old chart-topper revealed she lost “100 lbs” over the course of two years in her November cover story for British Vogue.

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She explained, “It was because of my anxiety.” “I’d feel a lot better if I worked out. It was never about losing weight; it was always about getting stronger and spending as much time as possible away from my phone each day.”

“It became quite addictive for me. I go to the gym two or three times per day “she went on. “But I needed to become addicted to something in order to reset my mind. Knitting could have been the culprit, but it wasn’t.”
Adele said she works out with weights in the morning and cardio at night, with a hike or a boxing session thrown in for good measure.

“I was essentially unemployed at the time. I do it with trainers as well “she continued. “A lot of people won’t be able to do it.”
The “Hello” singer also denied reports that she follows the “sirtfood diet,” a low-calorie plan that emphasizes foods like blueberries, strawberr


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