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Cavities are permanently damaged areas in or around the surface of your tooth that results to tiny holes. This one of the most common dental problems and can happen even to infants. They are caused by plaque from food high in sugar or starch content settling on the surface of the teeth. Bacteria inside your mouth feeds on sugar and starch thus leading to the protective coat of your teeth (enamel) to slowly deteriorate. This then leads to tooth decay which will most likely need fillings.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 60-90% of kids worldwide have cavities. You might think that’s normal because they’re kids and they’re crazy for cavity-causing candies.


Gum disease is one of the most common dental diseases adults get. It has three developing stages starting from gingivitis. Gingivitis is a gum disease that is reversible but, if not treated accordingly, may lead to a more serious problem call periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease must be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will lead to stage three of gum disease also known as advanced periodontal disease which causes teeth to fall loose.

Some would think gum disease isn’t serious. But, the numbers don’t lie. World Help Organization (WHO) said 15-25% of adults from around the world aged 35-44 years old have severe periodontal disease. This means they would lose majority of their teeth by the time they reach 50.

Sometimes we grow accustomed to the condition of our oral health that we don’t realize we’re already showing signs of gum disease. For instance, there would come a time that we’re used to the smell of our own breath that we don’t know we’ve had bad breath for quite a while already.

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