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How To Fix Outlook Is Missing In QuickBooks Desktop Problem? (+1-877-383-3611)
Causes of Outlook missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms

An older click-to-run (CTR) version of MS Office (2010) is being run.
User’s profile hasn’t been set up in MS Outlook.
The default email application is Outlook.
Outlook isn’t the chosen email program in Internet Explorer (IE).
QuickBooks is cloud-hosted, but the service provider doesn’t have MSOffice installed as the hosted application.
Before performing the solutions in the given order, QuickBooks must be updated.

Solutions Outlook Missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms

Sol 1: Ensuring Outlook version is supported

First the Outlook version must be found out by checking the Outlook Ribbons. Then, the compatible version of Outlook must be verified on the basis of the QB version.

Sol 2: Making Outlook the default program

Outlook 2010/2013: First choose Options from the File tab and then under Startup Options, choose Make Outlook the Default Program for E-Mail, Contacts, And Calendar.
Outlook 2007 and before: Go to Tools -> Options->Other tab. Then, in General settings, choose Make Outlook the Default Program for Email.
If there are many Outlook profiles, a profile might have to be chosen, every time Outlook is started. If no profile is selected as default, QuickBooks won’t see Outlook. After Outlook is started, a profile must be chosen and set as default.

Sol 3: Setting default program in IE

Before starting, users must have MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Mail. Users must also be able to send and receive mail in that profile.
First choose Tools ->Internet Options in IE and then choose the Programs tab.
For IE 7.0/8.0/9.0: Choose Programs-> Set Your Default Programs from the bottom of the window and then select the email application. Next, choose Set This Program As Default, followed by
Now, choose Set Program Access and Computer Defaults, followed by Microsoft Windows. Then, from the drop-down arrow menu, choose Use My Current Microsoft E-Mail Program, followed by OK.
For IE 6.0: First IE must be closed and reopened. Then, select Tools-> Internet Options, followed by the Programs tab.
Then in Internet Programs, choose Outlook, followed by OK.
Then, go to the Edit menu in QB and choose Preferences. Then, select Send Forms, followed by the My Preferences tab.
Next, select the email program in Send Email Using section.

Sol 4: Editing Mail Profile settings in Windows

After closing QuickBooks, press Windows Start button and enter Control Panel. Then, in the search field of the Control Panel, enter Mail and then choose Mail from the results.
Then, select Show Profiles in Mail Setup window. Then, choose Always Use This Profile, followed by OK.
Now, after opening QuickBooks, users must try setting Outlook as email option.

Sol 5: Editing the WIN.INI file in Windows

After pressing the Windows key or the


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