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Minerals are great for your teeth because your enamel structure is made out of minerals. The same is true for your jawbone; like any other bone in your body, it needs plenty of minerals such as calcium. Pearl Powder is great for dental health and your overall health as well, because Pearl Powder is a mineral. It supports strong bones and helps bone mineralization. Pearl is renown for regrowing receding gums and restoring bone loss. Pearl Powder contains dozens of minerals, including: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, trace minerals such as iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, molybdenum, chromium, titanium, and more. It also has polysaccharides, proteins, and amino acids. These nutrients are vital for calcium metabolism, and cellular regeneration.

Pearl Powder is crushed pearls which has strong anti-inflamatory properties that are especially important for gum health because inflammation is a chief characteristic of gum disease and can cause gum pockets and recession. Gum disease is caused by bacteria, and the anti-inflammatory substances in pearl powder helps reduce the inflammatory effects that these bacteria have on your gums. Calcium is another mineral that your body needs for healthy teeth, gum tissue, and bone density. Pearl Powder contains high concentration of calcium that stimulates the body’s natural collagen. The calcium content in pearl powder strengthens teeth, while the minerals aid in gum health. In fact, pearl is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, similar to our bone.


Modern science has revealed the medicinal substance that helps our teeth and gums become healthier in the treasured pearl. In 1992, scientists placed Pearl nacre chips on a layer of human osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are the cells that form new bone. They also come from the bone marrow and are related to structural cells. They have only one nucleus. Osteoblasts work in teams to build bone. They produce new bone called “osteoid” which is made of bone collagen and other protein. They found that the osteoblasts that were near the pearl nacre chips proliferated, then attached themselves to the chips. The osteoblasts formed a complete sequence of bone in the presence of the pearl nacre.

French scientists revealed pearl can stimulate bone cell builders, osteoblasts, to multiply. This leads to more bone cells regeneration for filling cavities and making existing teeth stronger. They also discovered pearl can stimulate the repair and regeneration of the fibroblasts and enhance the fibroblasts’ production of collagen and other extra-cellular matrixes. Fibroblasts are the building blocks for connective tissues. Fibroblasts secrete collagen proteins that are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues. Pearl’s ability to stimulate the regeneration of fibroblasts makes it not only capable of repairing your gums, but also your eyes, heart, muscles, nerves, and skin, just to name a few.


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