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This high level of blood sugar can be measured, and this is one way that physicians can diagnose diabetes. Being overweight makes it more difficult for the body to produce enough insulin. Cherries: Another fruit that is full of antioxidants. But you are now drinking your fiber and enjoying it!That is just a convenient way of avoiding the word fat. Suggestion: A small Orange, Blueberries, Strawberries or a Pear accompanied by cottage cheese or yogurt is another great way to add fiber and protein. Glycemic index (GI), written as a percentage, glucofort   refers to the amount of change that food has on blood glucose levels, especially carbohydrates. You will get synergy out of this holistic approach  Your lifestyle choices especially nutrition and exercise choices can help prevent diseases like diabetes or put you at greater risk for them. The best attribute of cherries is that these are full of dietary fiber. And in fact once they take percent responsibility for doing just that many people become highly motivated and do the blood sugar blaster job more quickly and easily. Onions: The active ingredient of onion is flavonoid and sulfur.


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