• November 10, 2021 3:27 am
  • Aswan, Egypt

Women in Rail on Twitter: "#SignalforHelp is a discreet call for help for  anyone facing domestic violence or are in a dangerous situation at home,  but are unable to raise an alarm


The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said Monday a 16-year-old girl had been rescued in Kentucky after using hand gestures she learned from social media app TikTok to signal. Let the driver know she has a problem.

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Signs that turn the palm outward and cover the finger around the tucked thumb. It has been shown by users and non-profits on TikTok as a way for abusers to tell someone they have a problem without alerting the perpetrator.

on thursday The girl sat in the front passenger seat and signaled from inside the car. A spokesman for the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said. The driver recognized the sign and called 9-1-1,

who sent law enforcement officers to intercept the car.

Hand gestures are everything. If that wasn conveyed by a young woman or that no one knew how to interpret what she was doing. And who knows? We may not have a good consensus about it.


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