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About Figur Weight Loss


“I’ve been gaining and losing weight ever since my kids were born. Diets have never helped me before, because whatever I lost, I ended up gaining back. In particular, my stubborn prosperity fat on the hips just does not want to give way. By taking Figur Weight Loss I lost a total of over 3 kilograms within 4 weeks, which in my case is a real miracle.


I’ve only lost that much in a few months. I also felt more balanced during the test period and was able to fall asleep faster. In summary, I am very satisfied and will continue to take the diet capsules.”


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Is there another effective alternative?


In our self-test, Figur Weight Loss was convincing across the board. However, we receive many inquiries from our readers who want help with losing weight. Therefore, we would like to present another diet product at this point. This is the preparation of ICG Fatburner. This product with hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia Cambogia extract also convinces in customer feedback and has been able to prove its effectiveness in independent studies. 


Who are the capsules for?


Figur Capsules is aimed at both women and men. The preparation can be taken by all adults, regardless of age, weight or individual factors before ingestion. As a result, the capsules should lead to a lower weight in this group of people without any exercise or calorie reduction. 


Are there official test and study reports on Figur Weight Loss?


Official figure capsule studies do not exist at the current time of research. In other tests that we were able to find online, the capsules performed as well as in our own self-test. Here, too, the supplement was able to convince with its very good effect. 


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Have the capsules been examined by Stiftung Warentest?


The independent Stiftung Warentest test reports are an indicator for many buyers as to whether they are buying a product or not. For our reporting, we therefore went in search of a corresponding report from the consumer magazine. Unfortunately, despite intensive research, we could not find any Figur Weight Loss Stiftung Warentest. Apparently, a corresponding test does not yet exist. Whether the test magazine might still be testing the product in the future could not be finally clarified on our part. 


Figur Weight Loss intake and dosage


The Figur Weight Loss intake amounts to the daily dosage of one capsule, which is swallowed whole with two large glasses of water. Ideally, take the supplement thirty minutes before a meal. In order to avoid intolerance or side effects, you should under no circumstances deviate from this dosage recommendation. It is recommended to take it for at least a month, ideally longer.


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Should I discuss taking it with a doctor?


In principle, taking the Figur Capsules does not require a doctor’s consultation. However, if you suffer from previous illnesses or are unsure about taking it, it is advisable to ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible intolerances or to have an individual consultation. 


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