• September 21, 2021 4:00 am
  • British Columbia, Canada

Explore car accident treatment, Surrey, at Inner Chi Acupuncture. Treatment for a car accident is derived from the term Surrey, which means sucking. The term cupping therapy is frequently heard, and most of us are aware that it entails sucking and cupping. To relieve discomfort and calm the body parts, the cups are used to massage and relax them. The premise behind this incredible technology is to eliminate the air inside the cups to create a vacuum environment. The pain is then drained by placing the cup on the skin of the affected body part. Discomfort can also be relieved by manipulating muscles and joints. This is accomplished by the use of needling, which rubs down the frame components to relax them and relieve pain. The removal of air from the cups to produce a vacuum area is the principle at the heart of this ingenious invention. By pressing the cup on the skin of that bodily part, the discomfort is sucked out. Muscle tissues and joints can also be pulled out of the discomfort. You may believe that cupping therapy is an old medicine that has nothing to do with today’s world, but this is false; it is still utilized today and is widely employed by many clinical professionals. For more details, reach us at 604.315.2478.


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