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Exipure Reviews
For the last few weeks, I have seen nothing but people talk all over social media about the latest weight loss supplement that is supposed to give you amazing results, as with many of these types of products you can only get them from their website which is



The good thing about this product is there are no harmful chemicals, it is ALL purely natural ingredients which I always believe is far better for the body than most of the get rich quick gimmicky products sold in a lot of health stores.

If you are anything like me after the Christmas period I tend to put on a little bit too much weight and it takes me about 6 months to lose it again are you the same?

This product consists of 8 different ingredients that have been clinically tested to burn excess calories, what is so unique about them is they burn the BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) which other products on the market don’t seem to ever target which is why this product is one of a kind in that respect.

The capsules are very easy to swallow, they are non-GMO and contain absolutely no stimulants, and are said to be non-addictive. It is the only product of its kind in the world that uses the ingredients listed below together.



There are 30 capsules in a bottle and you are under no obligation to bulk purchase, meaning if you want to buy just 30 you can do just that they will not try to force you to buy more on checkout.
Exipure Ingredients List

Perilla – Important for good for cognitive brain health and also increases BAT burning.
Kudzu – Important to keep aches and pains at bay.
Holy Basil – Important as this is used to reduce stress.
White Korean Ginseng – Important to keep a healthy immune system.
Amur Cork Bark – Important for th estomach to aid digestion and any bloated feeling.
Propolis – Important as it maintains a healthy blood sugar level.
Quercetin – Important as it keeps blood pressure cells happy and healthy.
Oleuropein – Important as it improves artery health.

As you can see the 8 ingredients each have their job to do in keeping your body healthy, all of them can be found in nature, none of these has ever been linked to addiction. This is why it is also nicknamed the tropical weight loss pill.


Exipure Does It Work?
The answer to this is quite simply YES! I lost nearly a stone in 30 days and the best of it was I wasn’t even trying as hard as I should have been, my girlfriend also tried to do it and she lost a stone and a half not too bad considering.

What was also nice is we got 2 free bonus books on your first order, we ordered the 6 bottle option and got the free delivery (as it should be for that price!) the books we got were:

BONUS #1 – Day #1 Detox KickStart – A book on what you ned to do to better aid the cleansing of your internal organs using special tea concoctions, but don’t worry you will have these


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  • Exipure is gaining popularity on a daily basis, just a month after its inception. This weight loss method promises to be both safe and effective. is the only place where you can get it. The recipe promises to provide the body with a precise blend of eight remarkable nutrients and herbs that are clinically proven to promote weight reduction when taken daily.
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Bakersfield,United States,California