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Chiilwell AC Amazon- After the water has been added, connect the power cord’s USB connector to the USB port on the device’s back and the power supply at the other end. After then, it is advised to wait five minutes with the device remaining on the desktop. Place the gadget on a flat surface, 30 to 100 cm away from the body. Press the ON/OFF button quickly. The swing blade should then be adjusted up and down to the proper position based on individual demands. The beginning wind speed is the lowest after each plug-in. Turn it off if it’s plugged in all the time to save energy.

Chillwell Portable AC -A special, highly absorbent cooling pad with high evaporative cooling was produced just for this device. At any time, you can change it. We advise switching to a fresh cooling pad every 3-6 months in order to have the best cooling and humidifying effect.


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