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What Is Oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic used to cure intense pain after an operation or a severe injury or illness. You can also buy Oxycodone online to treat several types of long-term pain when other pain medications have failed. Oxycodone comes in immediate-release and extended-release tablet and capsule forms. It is available on the market under the brand names Roxicodone and OxyContin. Oxycodone’s extended-release tablet and capsule forms should not be used to relieve normal pain that can be treated with another drug.

You can also order Oxycodone online from our website in ER forms if you need pain relief for an extended period. Oxycodone belongs to a family of drugs known as opiate analgesics. It works by varying how the brain and nervous system react to pain.

What are the potential side effects of Oxycodone?

Get medical emergency help if you have the symptoms of an allergic reaction to Oxycodone, such as the following –


Difficulty breathing

Swelling of your face, lips, or throat

Usual Adult Dose For Pain (Immediate-Release) –

Usual Dosage – You can take Oxycodone 5 mg to 15 mg every four to six hours as needed and as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

Increased Dosage – You can increase your daily dosage per your body’s responses to pain and the doctor’s instructions.

Usual Dose For Children (ages 0 to 17 years ) – Children who are younger than 18 years old should not take Oxycodone.

Usual Adult Dose For Pain (Extended-Release ) –

Usual Dose – You can take Oxycodone 10 mg every 12 hours as needed and as prescribed by your doctor.

Increased Dose – You can increase your daily dose per your body’s response and the pharmacist’s instruction.

Usual Dose For Chronic Pain (Extended-Release ) –

Usual Dose For Non-Tolerant Patients – Oxycodone 10 mg orally every 12 hours

Usual Dose For Tolerant Patients: Please take a single dose higher than 40 mg daily.

Maximum Dose – Oxycodone 80 mg daily.

Where can I buy Oxycodone online?

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