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Description: The previous name of Lunesta is Estorra. One of the main features of nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agents is sleep improvement and longtime insomnia treatment. Inability to fall asleep or lack of sleep is treatable by Lunesta. There are different strengths of the product eszopiclone (main ingredient): 1 mg, and 2 mg, and also 3 mg. It comes in tablets. The most common and prescribed dosage is considered 2 mg. The dose is orally consumed right before going to bed. Some conditions need 3 mg, but older people should stick to 1 mg dosage. However, a doctor may consider the dose escalation for elder people to 2 mg for better and quality sleep. The main problem with people is poor sleeping, or inability to sleep at all.


Insomnia may be a serious problem for some people. These days this disease is met just like a common flu, or allergy, or toothache. It does not occur right away but it may truly affect all aspects of a human life.


The modern pace of life does not let a human to relax properly. The body tries to adjust all its systems to the needs of a human, and sometimes the signals it shows us are neglected. These signals may even save a human life in some cases. The energy of the body is not endless.


The signals our body sends us may be completely different. It may be, for example, a frequent headache, and the first thing you would do in this case – right, take a pill. Of course, when a headache does not happen often, it may be ok. But when it becomes chronic, it is time to think about the entire body and analyse the situation. Maybe there are deeper problems that we have to pay attention to.


Moreover, this condition may be even dangerous for everyday activity. The productivity may be affected. It may even affect the relations in the family, as a person with constant headache may be irritated and nervous.


Or here is another example for you – one of the signals that something is wrong in our body may be poor sleep. It may last for weeks when a person will realize that sleep problems may be a serious disease. Frequent night wake ups, breath-holding while sleeping, inability to fall asleep may develop into insomnia (whilst insomnia may lead to more serious health conditions).


How To Use Lunesta?

Lunesta is only used for short term periods, approximately 1-2 weeks or less. If you are experiencing insomnia for a longer time, consult your doctor if you need other treatment.

It is always important to read the leaflet included provided by the pharmacist or doctor. If you have any questions, ask them directly. Take the prescribed dosage by your doctor. Advisably, just before going to bed and do not take it with or right after eating a high-fat or heavy meal because it might not take effect.

The dosage will be based on your age, medical condition, liver function as well as how you respond to the treatment. Do not take more than the described dosage to reduce the risk of serious side effects.

Normally, the starting dose is Lunesta 1 mg at bedtime as directed and may increase up to 3 milligrams. It is advisable not to do any activities the next day that requires alertness. Do not stop your medication without talking to your doctor. When you use it regularly for a long time or high dosage and suddenly stop it may cause withdrawal reactions such as vomiting, nausea, flushing, shakiness, cramps, and nervousness. In this case, your doctor will decrease the dosage gradually. Inform your doctor about any withdrawal reactions. Buy Lunesta Online Without Medical Prescription (Rx)


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