About Froogle Auctions

Our company is dedicated to providing the most effective way for individuals and businesses to sell, advertise and promote their products, services and events. 
Froogle Auctions takes pride in maintaining fare and competitive pricing to our customers for our services. 
By providing a robust and technically advanced platform that will ensure that your product or service is well presented and displayed to your potential buyers, you are sure to optimize your sale and price.  


What We Do

Froogle Auctions is your gateway to a more professional classified advertisement experience. You can register a free account with us or simply choose a plan that will match your needs. 
Our fare pricing is mandated by our eagerness to grow with our customers. 

Check These Out

How it Works

Create Account

You can quickly create a FREE account on Froogle Auctions & Classifieds. It's fast and secure.

Post your Ad

Once you have created your Free account with Froogle Auctions & Classifieds, you are now able to post your ad for your product, service or announcements. It is easy and secure.

Get Offers

Once you have created your ad post, you will be connected with buyers and potential buyers. Your customers will be able to safely connect with you using our platform to email, call or text message you for an easy and effective sale

Sell Your Item

Selling your item is very safe and secure. You sell your product and collect your funds directly with the buyers. The Froogle Auctions & Classifieds platform offers you a fully integrated dashboard to allow you to manage your ad posts and sale of your items.

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Customers Say About Us

Got the products delivered in our doorstep quickly, the customer support was super helpful and they answered all my queries in time. Highly recommended!

David Lee

CEO, TechHb

It was fast and secure to create my account. I was able to start selling and communicating with buyers in minutes. Great site

Tom Steven

Freelance Designer

I sold my items very quickly. I was also able to share my items on social media from the site, such as facebook and twitter etc. The site was great to use.

Mike Hussey

Journalist, NewAge